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Keeping Kids Safe

As a Children’s Ministry Leader, safekeeping is always the one thing expected of you at all times—whether spoken or unspoken—and it requires much more than common sense on your part and the part of others.

Keeping kids safe requires planning, policies, training and continual re-assessment. It demands an intentionality so well done, that hopefully, it will go unnoticed.

If you are going to be ferocious about one area of ministry over all others, this is it. It only takes one child or one parent one incidence for uncertainty to set in and put the reputation of your church at risk. If kids don’t feel safe, they will make it difficult for their parents to leave them; and if parents don’t feel safe, they will choose alternatives. Either way, you will limit your opportunities to share the gospel and impact families for eternity.

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SMART Goals can help you improve your ministry and get Better Before Bigger. Once you’ve clarified what you want or need to do and have evaluated where you are, write SMART Goals to help you get there.


Family Life Assessment Form

Need to evaluate your program? Here’s a great assessment tool. It allows you to capture feedback from staff, family life team members, youth pastors, children’s ministry leaders, volunteers, parents, newbies and guests. You can score your entire program altogether or better yet, break groups down into areas of participation and get a detailed look at each ministry. Once you’ve discovered your strengths and weaknesses, write SMART Goals and work your way toward becoming Better Before Bigger.

Family Life Assessment

Better Before Bigger

It should always be our goal to get better. After all, we work for the God of the universe who is creative and loves excellence. In fact, our efforts are just another way to honor Him, offer praise and glorify His Name. Becoming “Bigger” does not have to be the goal of our efforts, but according to the Bible, it tends to be a natural result for those who are faithful with what has been entrusted to them. (Matthew 25:14-28, The Parable of the Talents)

In their first season of real serious competition, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, challenged his staff, stating, “If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger.” This became the organization’s new strategy allowing them to beat out the competition and increase their sales numbers significantly. Continue reading “Better Before Bigger” »