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5 Key Ingredients To A Successful Children’s Program

Children will be walking through your doors again this weekend. They will have parents in tow that are counting on you to keep them safe, happy and busy. In addition, it is their hope that you will move their child toward Christ; that your church will be a place where children can know God, discover how to have a personal relationship with Jesus and learn how to live. Have you prepared a program that will do just that?

Below are 5 Key Ingredients that can help you move forward in providing a successful program for the children God has entrusted to you.

Ingredient #1     Organization of Age/Grade Levels

Notice how kids are divided up in your program? Have you lumped all children into one or two rooms for childcare or are you thinking about each child’s church experience and their unique ability to learn about God at each age and grade level? Do children perceive that church is for them or is it a holding tank while parents learn?

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Keeping Kids Safe

As a Children’s Ministry Leader, safekeeping is always the one thing expected of you at all times—whether spoken or unspoken—and it requires much more than common sense on your part and the part of others.

Keeping kids safe requires planning, policies, training and continual re-assessment. It demands an intentionality so well done, that hopefully, it will go unnoticed.

If you are going to be ferocious about one area of ministry over all others, this is it. It only takes one child or one parent one incidence for uncertainty to set in and put the reputation of your church at risk. If kids don’t feel safe, they will make it difficult for their parents to leave them; and if parents don’t feel safe, they will choose alternatives. Either way, you will limit your opportunities to share the gospel and impact families for eternity.

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