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How To Share The Gospel

Have you ever finished telling a Bible story and in that moment wished you knew how to tie it in to the Gospel Message? In my early days I would feel the Holy Spirit nudging me, but I just didn’t know how to make a smooth transition. I would feel so unprepared and even if I decided to muddle my way through, when I was finished I would cringe for days afterward realizing my presentation had been incomplete or lacking clarity.

Below is a simple outline that’s easy to remember and great to follow in such moments. It gives you a starting point that can easily be transitioned from any Bible story and includes all the key elements needed to share the Gospel message.

1. Talk about Heaven.

Transition your story toward eternity. Describe Heaven as a wonderful place where God lives—a place where we want to go when this life is over—a place without sin, pain and suffering. But, explain that there’s a problem… Continue reading “How To Share The Gospel” »