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You Never Know…

I recently met a man who was asking if he could take pictures during our worship service. He wanted something to remember the church by.

A few years ago his son moved to Southern California and got a job working for one of our church members. The boss invited him to attend Cornerstone and it changed his life. Later that year when his parents came out to visit, he encouraged them to attend church with him and the family was intrigued. When the parents returned home they found a local church by the same name and decided to give it a try. The family, unfamiliar with the church experience, had been living quietly in their community for more than ten years without friends and the ability to make a difference.

It’s been six years now and the parents are visiting again, but this time to help their son and his family move back to South Carolina. Dad now serves weekly on the parking team and as a photographer; mom helps in the nursery. They cannot imagine life without Cornerstone Church in Orangeburg, SC. Today they are growing Christians with friends, an extended family and a place they call Home.

It doesn’t really take much to ask someone to join you for a weekend service, but the impact that one invitation can make, may change eternity for a whole family!

Who do you know who needs Jesus?

The Family Life of the Church

It’s said that you don’t become a “real adult” until you lose both of your parents. At 55 years of age, I’ve become a real adult, and I’m just beginning to understand the depth of that statement. It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived away from home for 35 years and have been married for 32 of those. It doesn’t matter that I’ve raised two adult children of my own. It doesn’t matter that my husband and I have been responsible for our own finances, health insurance, housing, food and education.

It matters relationally.

The two people who brought me into this world, loved me, cared for me, taught me how to walk, talk and move forward are gone. They are no longer there for a brief conversation, a history lesson, an additional perspective or a nurturing word. Their journey has ended and no one else can replace their constancy in my life, nor the personal investment that has been uniquely theirs to give.

I believe this is one of the reasons why God gave us the church. It’s a highly relational, generational asset to any sojourner who wishes to engage. Through Bible teaching, the church helps us understand our place in history. It provides us with new perspectives and inspires us to move forward. When we step closer and join serving groups and ministry opportunities, it offers us generational relationships and provides nurturing friendships. It’s an extended family, with broader experience that helps us travel every season of life.

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