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Consulting & Coaching

Paula offers assistance to churches in the areas of Family Life: Preschool, Children’s Ministry and Student Ministries through consultation and coaching. She is available one-on-one, working with teams, or assisting staff. She is experienced in:

  • Recruiting volunteer teams to a high level of commitment and retainment.
  • Evaluating and revamping the core essentials of ministry.
  • Restructuring and strengthening teams.
  • Collaborating with departments to create a lifelong pathway.
  • Uniting individual ministries to create a Family Life Department.
  • Designing environments and establishing programs on a budget.
  • Defining job descriptions, roles and responsibilities.
  • Increasing safekeeping procedures.
  • Defining Philosophies of Ministry to establish yearly programming, goals & objectives.
  • Calendarizing and budgeting a year-at-a-glance.

Packages include all day consulting, a 3-day weekend experience and more.

Paula has worked locally in the Temecula Valley and is networking across the United States. She offers customized services to meet the needs of your children’s ministry and family life environments. Contact Paula to create your own consulting/coaching package and to discuss pricing and availability.