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3 Things You Need To Know Before Saying, “YES!”

(part 2 of 3) Knowing what you’re getting into is a key part of the interview process. While church leadership focuses on you, you should be focusing on the church leadership to gain an understanding of who they are and who they hope to … [Continue reading]

3 Things You Need To Know Before Saying, “YES!”

(part 1 of 3) Every business, including the church, has its own organizational structure, priorities, hopes, dreams and levels of influence—no matter its size. Your job, as an outsider, is to discover as much as you can in the dating process … [Continue reading]

Most Important Person In The Room

aka “The Fortholder.” These are the Protectors, Master Organizers, Hosts and Managers. They know stuff: Potential hazards Daily schedules Equipment Supplies Emergency procedures Clean up policies They know … [Continue reading]

Enlisting Volunteers

Fall is almost here, and once again it’s time to enlist, equip and empower new volunteers. Share you best practices. What things have you done to successfully FIND and SIGN-UP new volunteers? Pastor Greg Sidders White Pine Community Church, … [Continue reading]

Keeping Kids Safe

As a Children’s Ministry Leader, safekeeping is always the one thing expected of you at all times—whether spoken or unspoken—and it requires much more than common sense on your part and the part of others. Keeping kids safe requires planning, … [Continue reading]

Think Before You ASK

When inviting someone in to play a role in ministry there are a few key elements you should think through first. 1. Know what you’re inviting people into. If it’s all foggy and undefined, tell them. If it requires a lot of time and is complicated, … [Continue reading]

Don’t Travel Alone — Build A Team

The task of leading children of all ages to Christ is enormous and requires a large group of people with a variety of gifts and strengths. But where are you going to find those people and how are you going to get them to make the journey with … [Continue reading]

The Big Picture

Children’s Ministry—you think it’s about children, but it’s not! Most people say, “Yes” to working in children’s ministry because they love children, have children, think working with children will be fun, or believe it may be the least stressful … [Continue reading]

Leadership: Plain and Simple

Recently I had the privilege of attending the first of two leadership classes at North Coast Church in Carlsbad, California. The class was entitled “Leadership: Plain and Simple” and led by Ned Mervich, the Video Café Pastor from the Vista … [Continue reading]

When You Find Yourself Leading Alone…

Leadership can be one of the most exciting adventures of life if you are gifted to lead. However, it doesn’t take long to understand that there are times when you find yourself standing alone. I can remember my very first staff meeting. I had been … [Continue reading]