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7 Practices of Effective Ministry

7 PracticesIf you are ready to rethink your ministry, evaluate it’s practices and re-establish a clear pathway, then you are ready for the 7 Practices of Effective Ministry.

Stanley, Joiner and Jones, three members of the North Point Ministry team, unpack the practices of their ministry success using both a baseball analogy and by pulling pages from their own staff play-book. Information shared will inspire and benefit your entire team.

Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Lane Jones
Multnomah Publishers, Inc. 2004 North Point Ministries, Inc.

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Better Before Bigger

It should always be our goal to get better. After all, we work for the God of the universe who is creative and loves excellence. In fact, our efforts are just another way to honor Him, offer praise and glorify His Name. Becoming “Bigger” does not have to be the goal of our efforts, but according to the Bible, it tends to be a natural result for those who are faithful with what has been entrusted to them. (Matthew 25:14-28, The Parable of the Talents)

In their first season of real serious competition, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, challenged his staff, stating, “If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger.” This became the organization’s new strategy allowing them to beat out the competition and increase their sales numbers significantly. Continue reading “Better Before Bigger” »