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Read-Aloud Bible Stories volumes 1-4

Read AloudFavorite all time illustrations! Read-Aloud Bible Stories have published 4 separate volumes. Each book contains 5 easy-to-read stories with pictures that generate great preschool conversations and craft ideas. Stories are followed by a simple “What did you learn?” page which states the main point and asks life application questions.


Ella K. Lindvall
Moody Press, Chicago, IL  1985

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If you haven’t heard of the latest strategy that’s been catching on for some time in children’s ministry, youth ministry and family life departments, then you might be missing the boat!

The ORANGE strategy comes from Reggie Joiner and the ReThink Group. The idea behind it is simply the merging of:ORANGE_300dpi

The authors of invite us to:

Imagine the difference if every LEADER, every VOLUNTEER, every PARENT was on the same page, WORKING TOWARD THE SAME END. What if we all believed our mission was connected to how we INCITE WONDER, PROVOKE DISCOVERY and FUEL PASSION in the heart of every child.

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