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Workshops & Training

Workshops are constantly being developed and upgraded. Trainings are customized to meet your needs. Essential topics include:

The Care, Love & Feeding of Volunteers

Change your recruiting method. Start inviting people into ministry so that they can enjoy the adventure of discovering who God made them to be. Turn once a month volunteers into owners, and owners into leaders while increasing your yearly retention rate. Create a volunteer culture that joins you in your efforts to enlist, equip, empower and encourage. Don’t be afraid of letting non-participants feel as though they’re missing out—they are!

Stonepiling: Making Stories Stick

Start with a solid foundation and build a story by stacking key elements. Point kids toward Jesus and top it off with life application and you’ll have a method for making stories stick.

Keeping Kids Safe

What does “Due Diligence” look like in today’s world of unexpected crises? Join the discussion, evaluate your current program and learn ways to increase safekeeping for children, students, families and volunteers.

Knowing And Loving Kids

Discover what it takes to ensure that all individuals feel known and loved from the moment they walk through your door. Set children, students and volunteers up for success. Address behavior issues, promote personal growth and celebrate uniqueness.

Sharing The Gospel

Make sharing the gospel fun and easy. Equip your leaders, your students and your kids. Teach everyone in your environment how to share their faith in a memorable, comprehensive manner. Discuss issues surrounding the when, the where and the how.

Building A Great Team

Establish a leadership culture among your volunteers. Create a core team and foster a sense of ownership among team members. Define your mission, vision and values. Grow people in their giftedness. Decide together what’s most important and celebrate your wins.

Building A Great Program

What do you want your weekend experience to look like? How should it feel? What kind of room environment do you envision? How will it function? What key components should be included? How many volunteers will you need? What kind of training will be necessary? And most importantly…what do you want participants to go away knowing? Evaluate your current program and make the necessary decisions to get you where you want to be in a timely manner.

Becoming A Self-Feeder

Leadership can be a lonely experience. Discover the importance of becoming a self-feeder and surround yourself with others near and far who can encourage and build into you on a regular basis.

Paula has worked locally in the Temecula Valley and is networking across the United States. She offers customized services to meet the needs of your children’s and student ministries in family life environments. Contact Paula for workshop pricing and availability or to discuss creating a training program tailored to your ministry needs.