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Need Volunteers?

Most people volunteer because…

Their child is a participant.

They believe in the cause.

They feel good about doing something.

They find it’s a great place to make friends.

They feel coerced by others.


Wouldn’t it be great if volunteers joined your ministry because they knew…

Their unique giftedness would be valued and given an opportunity to grow.

Their contribution would make a difference.

Their investment would impact eternity.

Their involvement would give them belonging and purpose.


When needing, wanting and recruiting volunteers…

Move people beyond the urgent and invite them into the extraordinary.

Invite them to discover how they were uniquely made.

Invite them to participate in the great commission.

Invite them to deepen their relationships.

Invite them to grow in their faith.


Don’t plead with an audience in want of warm bodies to fill gaps on schedules.

Challenge them to discover all that they were meant to be.


Give them a pathway and hand them off to a team leader who will invest, promote and develop them.


Create steps that move people toward self-discovery, experience, education, influence and growth.


Create a culture that recognizes volunteers for who they really are…

The Church

The Body of Christ

The hands and feet of Jesus

Modern Day Disciples

…and the fulfillment of God’s plan

Change your communication technique.

Change their experience.

Value their position and help them become all that God intended them to be.


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