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Caught In A Squeeze Play!

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Ever felt like you were in a Squeeze Play? Someone bunted at the plate and you needed to do your part and run home, but you weren’t quite sure if you would make it? And if you didn’t, you knew you’d find yourself in a Pickle—caught between two bases with little hope of winning at either.

The past few months have felt like a Squeeze Play. Someone has needed me at home and as I’ve left the safety of my basic routine, I’ve often found myself caught in a Pickle regarding time and energy. I’ve spent many days of the last few months between two places wondering if I was going to make much of a difference at either. And yet now that the Squeeze has lost some of its compression, I realize that what’s most important of all has been accomplished.

God knew a Squeeze Play was coming. He knew I’d be caught up in the needs of others. He knew my desire for excellence would be reduced to good enough. And He knew I would struggle with the reprioritization of time and dreams.

So what’s the purpose of a Squeeze Play? To show my allegiance? To let go and let God? To realign my priorities?

It’s in these times that I find myself saying, “Okay God, You’re in charge. Whatever You want me to do, I will. Wherever You want me to spend my time, I’ll go. I’ll trust You with everything and I won’t let myself look back with regret of what I didn’t get done.”

And it’s after these conversations that I remember that’s exactly how He has asked me to live my life—His will, His way, in His time. And it’s really who I want to be as a Christ-follower, as a family member, a leader, an employee and a friend.

Maybe it’s not about the Squeeze Play at all, but about the attitude of my heart as I run back and forth in the Pickle.

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  1. Josh Clark says:

    I love pickles! Great stuff Paula.

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